High Yield Corn Project

Profit Projection

The "Optimistic Goal" of this project is to "profitably" produce 300 bu./acre corn on a 184 Acre field (176 irrigated) in Mason County, Illinois. Yields in many parts of the Corn Belt in 2008 were very good. Data from the 2008 NCGA Corn Yield Contest suggests that at least on small acreages this type of yield is possible. Our goal is to produce this yield on a 184 acre field using technologies that include irrigation, twin row planting, new corn hyrids, and selected herbicides, an insecticide, and a fungicide. These "technologies" are listed in the horizontal menu above. Please take a look at some or all of them. We think you'll find the information contained therein both useful and informative.

OK-- now that you've read the paragraph above we suspect that at least some of you are shaking your heads. Quite frankly, we know that we've set our sights very high and that "Murphy's Law" almost invariably applies to production agriculture (and everything else, too). Farming is a tough business. Like others in this business, we know that we have to do a more efficient job producing our products. Plot data and data from yield contests are interesting. However, like most producers, we are more interested in total farm yield and the bottom line. The research presented in this project more directly addresses that issue.