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IF you're in the business of production agriculture, as we are, you know that farming today is a tough game and the word "Profitable" is about as big as the word "IF"!! On that note, Welcome to the website for Kirby Farms. First, let us tell you that we are a real farm of some 1500+ acres located in Mason County, Illinois and NOT a figment of a website designer's imagination!! Phase 1 of this website presents what we call the "High Yield Corn Project". This is "real world" research designed to profitably produce high yield corn using a combination of  different technologies.

Four different types of technology are included in Phase 1 of this site. One technology is "Irrigation". We know that "Irrigation" isn't for everyone but if you can apply it we think it's worth taking a look. We have and we like it. The other technologies included in Phase 1 have broad applicability.  We'll use them this year.  If they're new to us we'll tell you so.  And we make you this promise.  No sponsor of this project has had any input concerning any information contained in this website except that contained in their own URLs.  And they won't!! Any comments or opinions expressed are strictly ours from a "user point of view".

About KirbyFarms.com

We are a "new kid on the block" with a different approach to research, information dissemination, and website design.  Our design is new using some of the latest website development techniques including CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Our design, concerning usability, adheres to the KIS Principle (Keep It Simple). The "content" (the big area on the screen that changes) has several "hot links". These have been left underlined as traditional links.

Phase 1 of this site includes real world research from a "user point of view".  Is it advertising?  Of course it is.  But it's advertising with a different twist. We're a real business actually using our sponsors products in a real world business situation. We would not use these products if we didn't like them.  Please note that we do not sell any products included in our "research project"!!

Phase 2 of this site includes software sales.  Our programs are created in house. Some are created by user request. Look for availability of our 2 new financial programs later in 2009.

We hope you will find our site unique, useful, and informative!! The design for this website was created "in house".  Our webmaster has created another website using CSS. If your interested please click on his link.

Have a Safe and Successful 2009!!