Bayer CropScience

Bayer Logo Bayer CropScience is the primary source for an insecticide and a fungicide for the "High Yield Corn Project". Their logo is pictured to your right. We've used several Bayer products in the past few years and have been well satisfied with the results.

Stratego® is a fungicide that we've used for the past several years. In 2004 we saw a 20 bu/acre difference in corn yields where Stratego® was aerially applied to combat grey leaf spot. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 we used it on some of our irrigated corn. In 2008 we used it on all our corn acres. We do not have side by side yield comparisons for those years. However, we are going to use it this year due to the likely occurrence of grey leaf spot and other diseases, too. Our dealer recommends the use of this product in order to push corn yields to a higher level. We agree!

Corn Leaf Beetle SEVIN® and Baythroid® XL be our insecticides of choice to combat the Western Corn Rootworm Beetle. These insecticides will be in our arsenal although we're using a large percentage of seed with rootworm protection technology.  We've seen the damage this insect can do during pollination and that damage can be very significant!!

The Bayer products we are using are listed below along with their descriptive links. If you aren't familiar with these products or wish to learn more please check them out.

Stratego is a fungicide that provides a combination of  residual and systemic controls to protect against fungal diseases in corn and some other crops, too.
Sevin is a very effective carbaryl insecticide.
BaythroidXL is a very effective pyrethroid suitable for chemigation.