Valley Corner Irrigation System

Irrigation can be a great management tool for corn production if you have an adequate water supply. Besides the obvious advantage of timely water application irrigation also provides the ability to employ the cultural practices of fertigation and chemigation. It also can provide insurance. In 2005 much of Central Illinois experienced a "severe drought". Mason County was no exception. Yield differences of 100+ bu/acre were very common on irrigated vs. non irrigated fields. In 2006 differences of up to 100 bu/acre were also observed while differences of up to 70 bu/acre were observed in 2007. 2008 was such a wet year that we only used our system for nitrogen application.

Valley Irrigation System

Pictured to your left is a Valley Center Pivot Corner Irrigation System very similar to the system used in this project. It waters approximately 176 acres of a 184 acre field. This system is powered with a Valtra 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and requires a 20kw generator. It is also equipped with a Pro2 CAMS programmable panel.

The 20kw generator is atypical because this irrigation system is geared faster than a normal system. "Faster gearing" increases the electrical requirement but offers a significant advantage with very little increase in initial cost. "Faster gearing" allows the system to move much faster at 100% speed capacity with very little (if any) increase in energy consumption per unit of time. This has no advantage for direct water application but for purposes of fertigation and/or chemigation the cost savings can be significant. "Faster gearing" also allows for more rapid movement concerning field operations.

This is our 3rd Valley System. We chose it several reasons including quality, reliability and dealer service. Like most of you, we believe that "quality of service" is extremely important in product selection.