Comp Screen

Early in 2007 we received a request from an aerial applicator to create a complimentary program for some popular mapping software. The request was for a program that would quickly and efficiently print GPS coordinates and a map for a target field.  In addition the user requested a methodology to save his maps in a separate folder in order to efficiently e-mail or fax them if so desired.

MapPrinter is the result of that request.  It includes all requested functions with the added bonus of a "safety mechanism" insuring that correct GPS coordinates are given to a user.  This program has many potential applications e.g. use by aerial applicators, fertilizer companies, appraisers, attorneys, insurance agents and large farmers.

*Update: MapPrinter (Version 2) now includes the "time-saving" option to automatically include a map as an attachment in an e-mail using an individual computer's default e-mail program.


LoanExplorer is a program designed to answer questions about new or existing loans. With just a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse a user can quickly solve complex mathematical computations in order to answer some sophisticated questions concerning borrowed capital. This can all be accomplished with minimal amount of time and effort!!

LoanExplorer considers 4 types of loans including Amortized Annual, Amortized Monthly, Amortized Quarterly and loans with Equal Annual Principal Payments.  It does all the normal stuff including loan schedules and includes a "Biweekly Loan Analysis" as compared to a monthly amortized loan.

The really interesting part of LoanExplorer is the "What If" analysis.  Four different scenarios are presented.  The questions answered by this type of analysis represent real questions asked by real people.  Our test audience covered a wide range of individuals including first time borrowers, business people shopping for credit, and "baby boomers" contemplating retirement.

LoanExplorer will be available via the web later this year.


Smart BoyHave you ever received an invitation in the mail to borrow a relatively large amount of money with equal monthly payments and no mention of an interest rate? Unfortunately no concise mathematical formula exists to calculate an amortized interest rate.

InterestRateCalculator was designed to solve this problem for 3 types of amortized loans.  These include Amortized Annual, Amortized Monthly, or Amortized Quarterly loans for up to 30 years in length.

InterestRateCalculator too will be available via the web later this year.