Great Plains YP-1625 Planter

Twin row planting is a relatively new technology for corn as well as for soybean production. We've had four year's experience planting both corn and soybeans in "twins".  Great Plains Manufacturing is the most experienced company we know of that is producing a planter in "twin configuration".

Great Plains Planter

Pictured to your left is a Great Plains YP-1625 planter. Great Plains has done a great job describing their planter and we suggest you click on the link above. 

It's no secret that increased populations, more uniform spacing, and more uniform emergence are factors for increasing corn yields.  These were 3 of the adaptive criteria we used in evaluating our purchase of the Great Plains planter in "twins".

Our planter has generated a lot of interest and we've been asked many questions pertaining to it. At this point were going to include something different i.e. we're including some information from a "user point of view".  This link, Questions & Answers, contains some answers to actual questions we've been asked about our YP-1625 planter. This information is totally independent of the manufacturer and of any dealer.